Wednesday, May 26, 2010

never could i have imagined..

A Tuesday night.. sitting at a table with AMAZING people.. laughing.. argillah.. frozen lemon with mint that has melted.. sliced fruit on a plate.. overlooking the Dead Sea.. breathtaking atmosphere..relaxing after a day of barbequing (heshing and neshing).. and all that was running through my head was where I was 2 years ago and where I am now…

Never could I have imagined… it’s a phrase I think about A LOT.. never could I have imagined that life could be this amazing.. never could I have imagined that the decision to move to a different country would end up being the best thing I have ever done.. never could I have imagined that I would meet some of the most amazing people in the world!.. never could I have imagined that I could b this undeniably/uncontrollably/unexplainably happy…

I sat there not wanting 2 let the happiness that I felt show in a dorky smile that would make no sense because I was in my own world.. I sat there smiling bigger than I ever have in the inside.. i cant even begin to explain what was running through my head.. everything i have experienced.. the people i have met.. the things i have done.. i cant explain how much it meant to me to be where i was at that point in time.. i cant explain the thoughts and emotions that i was feeling..

I am not sure if it was the dead sea right under me.. the BEAUTIFUL place I was in.. or the perfect company I had around me.. but at that moment life was more than perfect..

I sometimes wonder if this is all a dream.. and if it is a I hope that I never wake up…

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