Monday, May 24, 2010

Women's Bathroom

You can never come close to predicting the experience you’re going to have when moving to a different country. I would have never expected my situation to turn out the way it did….

Along your “journey” you learn SO much and notice SO much and experience SO much.. things you couldn’t even imagine before leaving..

Of course I can write forever about the differences I have noticed between Jordan and America; the big things are easy, the religion, the food, the culture, the lifestyle.. but it’s the little things that I notice that make it really special..

The women’s bathroom:

There are 2 things in Jordan about a woman’s bathroom that are different than America.. both of which really show the purity of the culture in some weird way..

In Jordan many women are traditional and tend to be religious, I am not sure of the statistic but a large amount of women cover their hair for religious reasons. I know it is supposed 2 be because they do not want to be looked at as a physical object and it allows them to be more modest in a way but I find it mysterious.. what is under the cover? Blond? Brown? Red?... Curly? Straight?... Long? Short?

The girls’ bathroom is a place to not only go to use the bathroom but to check your makeup and hair, so it is quite normal to see these women fix their hair cover and sometimes even remove it.. I don’t know if it is weird or what but I love that.. its like I was let in on their secret.. I saw something many others cant..

Another cultural thing when it comes to women is smoking. It is not THAT accepting for women to smoke, of course A LOT do and it is fine but the more traditional women won’t smoke in public or will hide the fact that they smoke. When in the bathroom I think it is funny that the place is COVERED with cigarette butts.. it looks like the floor of a bar (when smoking indoors was legal in America)..something im not used to seeing in a bathroom of a restaurant or cafe..

It seems as though, in Jordan, the bathroom is an escape for women, a place where they can let their hair down and enjoy a nice cigarette.. no judgment.. unless it is coming from other women which is a whole other story! =)

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