Sunday, May 9, 2010

A weekend in the life of me.. here in jordan :)

I was told that my blog is really sad.. I don’t mean for it to sound sad, if anything it should be the opposite.. I am in love with this country and even though I miss America I still do not plan on going back anytime soon… So this post will b about the good/amazing things going on lately..

So I can easily say that this weekend was one of the most amazing weekends ive ever had.. 2 years in this country and it still amazes me that I am daily reminded of how much I love being here and how amazing life is..

So this weekend was down to the roots of why I love this country… its just simple.. even though my weekend starts Thursday after work I would say it started Wednesday after work..

Wed: Some people from work and I went to smoke argillah.. it was supposed to be a 2 hour thing, we rushed out of work so that we can sit and be done by 8.. this 2 hour thing ended up lasting until 2 in the morning.. argillah/hookah and RANDOM conversations.. perfect way 2 end a busy day at work..

Thurs: Had some friends over my place.. met a new girl who was really nice (u meet new people DAILY in this country!).. then we got a bottle of wine.. played card games.. watched movies.. and squished 3 people with argillah and blankets and pillows on my TINY balcony that is in no way big enough 4 that.. it was AMAZING.. stars were out.. we just smoked and talked and laughed.. one of the best half hours of my life.. we then went back inside, put on another movie and passed out (amazing sleep!)..

Fri: Slept in, then we woke up and went on a hunt for breakfast.. ended up in downtown amman where the streets were FULL of people shopping in flea market style streets.. I could have stayed there for hours just watching them.. we got amazing food from a famous hole in the wall.. sat in the car and ate.. then headed to the zoo!! Most ghetto zoo ever!.. cement blocks stuffed with animals.. sad yet cool because you could see lions and tigers and bears and they were close to you!.. not across miles of grass in huge exhibits.. we then went back 2 my place and had nap time! It was great.. then woke up and ended the day the best way we know how.. argillah =).. then dinner!

Sat: Food shopping and cooking with my sister.. family bonding time =).. then met friends at a café for argillah and to watch the game! More RANDOM conversations and celebration dances.. my weekend couldn’t have ended any better..

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