Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I almost forgot...

The other day I was asked a question about America.. and I almost forgot.. I almost forgot the answer to the question.. did I almost forget America?

I almost forgot
what it was like to hear everyone around me speak English, so easy to communicate
…it was replaced by the sound of Arabic, beautiful but I still cant speak it!

I almost forgot
…what it was like to call up my parents and see them anytime I want
…it was replaced by skyping my parents when we find a suitable time which is hard because of the time difference

I almost forgot
…what it was like to walk around the streets of Times Square, still amazed after the thousandth time
…it was replaced with walking around Jabal Amman, amazing in its own way

I almost forgot
…what it was like to walk down a street and not be noticed
…it was replaced by male eyes watching every step

I almost forgot
…what it was like driving around the streets of Yonkers, I knew them so well
…it was replaced by driving around circles 1 through 8, I always get lost!

I almost forgot
…what it was like to order Chinese food or pizza to be delivered on a lazy day
…it was replaced by shawerma and falafel, and of course Tazej

I almost forgot
…what it was like to order a large iced coffee from DD at all hours of the day
…it was replaced by tea and Nescafe from street venders

I almost forgot
…what it was like to hang out with all kinds of friends doing whatever, never being judged
…it was replaced by hanging out with all kinds of friends, doing almost whatever, but being judged

I almost forgot
…what it was like to go to a bar after work with coworkers to unwind
…it was replaced by argillah/hookah cafes after work with coworkers to unwind

I almost forgot
…what it was like to be surrounded by people who knew close to nothing about my culture
…it was replaced by people who made me feel like I knew close to nothing about my culture

I almost forgot
…what it was like to live in America
…that is something that can never truly be replaced

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One of my closest friends just came home from Saudi Arabia.. He surprised me with a new car he just got for himself.. it’s a brand new.. red.. limited edition.. black leather/red stitching.. PORSCHE.. its beautiful.. I realized cars in Jordan are VERY different..

Most people in New York City don’t own cars because there’s no place to park them and its easier to take a subway or train everywhere… I understand that.. in Yonkers almost every1 owns a car but they’re normal cars.. a Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda.. stuff like that..

In Jordan you have to pay customs when buying a car that are around 65%.. this makes a car EXTREMELY expensive yet most people drive luxury! Jordan is not a rich country.. of course we have our very rich people but as a whole it is not that wealthy.. yet MOST people in this country drive amazing cars!

I can maybe name 1 or 2 people in New York that I know who drive a Mercedes or BMW or Lexus… in Jordan I feel like MOST of my friends don’t only drive a Mercedes but they drive the brand new limited edition S class.. or the only of its kind Range Rover.. or the fanciest BMW on the market that looks nicer than my apartment in and out!!

I get very jealous…

(i did get him 2 promise that if he were to buy some1 a porsche id b the first person hed buy 1 for!) =)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Expectations on females..

Obviously Jordan is a country which contains a deep culture, and a strong religion. As much beauty as this brings, it also brings stress and pressure to levels which are sometimes unbearable.

I am still not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing. For a while I really appreciated it, thought it kept someone on the right track, taught some1 respect for themselves, but lately I think I am changing my mind… I think, like most things in this country, it is taken to an extreme..

When you put limitations and restrictions on things, you sometimes make them worse than they are. I see my American friends putting up pictures of themselves in bathing suits.. they’re beautiful.. never once did I lose respect for them because of these pictures.. seeing the comments underneath, there is no1 referring to them in a negative way, or a disrespectful way.. its normal!! .. nothing strange.. nothing bad AT ALL.. in Jordan on the other hand, you can see a picture of a girl with a turtleneck.. showing NOTHING.. and theres 50 comments underneath from guys talking about how sexy/hot/etc. she is! THERE is the disrespect.. so mayb it is not the picture.. or what is shown/not shown in the picture but it is the culture and the taboo we put on looking at girls in such a way here that makes guys want to do it more…

Girls and boys start dating usually around the age of 15 I guess, in most if not all cultures.. some start a lot younger and some start a lot later but I think that is about average.. is there something wrong with that? In America it is very normal for your mom to take a picture of you kissing your boyfriend to show everyone how “cute you guys are together”.. it isn’t something to be ashamed of.. holding hands in public.. hugging.. cuddling on the couch with friends around and your parents walking in and out while watching tv isn’t a problem at all.. in Jordan if you are known as a girl who once had a boyfriend your labeled as “not decent”.. let alone do ANYTHING in public.. it is extremely rare to see any of that affection.. and its something I really miss.. seeing the openness and comfortableness of people in the streets.. sometimes its nice 2 hold hands.. and cuddle on a couch.. even if just with a friend and not a boyfriend at all (I don’t think that could ever really be possible here!!!!)... of course there are some exceptions...

I guess its another one of those things that I think people here need to relax about.. and after writing this and rereading it 10 times I have officially decided that I do not agree with the way it is done here! Kissing and cuddling and bathing suits are things that I support =)

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