Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One of my closest friends just came home from Saudi Arabia.. He surprised me with a new car he just got for himself.. it’s a brand new.. red.. limited edition.. black leather/red stitching.. PORSCHE.. its beautiful.. I realized cars in Jordan are VERY different..

Most people in New York City don’t own cars because there’s no place to park them and its easier to take a subway or train everywhere… I understand that.. in Yonkers almost every1 owns a car but they’re normal cars.. a Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda.. stuff like that..

In Jordan you have to pay customs when buying a car that are around 65%.. this makes a car EXTREMELY expensive yet most people drive luxury! Jordan is not a rich country.. of course we have our very rich people but as a whole it is not that wealthy.. yet MOST people in this country drive amazing cars!

I can maybe name 1 or 2 people in New York that I know who drive a Mercedes or BMW or Lexus… in Jordan I feel like MOST of my friends don’t only drive a Mercedes but they drive the brand new limited edition S class.. or the only of its kind Range Rover.. or the fanciest BMW on the market that looks nicer than my apartment in and out!!

I get very jealous…

(i did get him 2 promise that if he were to buy some1 a porsche id b the first person hed buy 1 for!) =)

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