Monday, January 4, 2010

American food in Jordan

Mcdonalds in Jordan is very famous.. as in America.. (especially in my company.. we order it DAILY..) but it is considered the pricier of the fast foods I guess because it is the same prices as America (when converted) but salaries here are much less.. In Jordan there are 2 differences in Mcdonalds, first there is this AMAZING sandwich that is wat I mainly order.. it is a Big Mac Chicken.. its like a Big Mac but with a different sauce and 2 chicken patties.. its soooooo good.. we also have a McArabia.. which is a grilled chicken patty in a pita bread/gyro type of bread.. im not 2 crazy about it.. we have burger king and kfc and all the other fast food places but they’re the same as far as ive noticed.. we don’t have taco bell :( (my favorite).. or wendys :(..

Ive mentioned this before but we also have Fridays, Applebees, Bennigans, Chilis, and Ruby Tuesdays here but they are considered very fancy restaurants!! That kills me.. I remember going to those places when I was in high school and had no money!! Here its considered a fancy place 2 go out for steak or something..

The other difference in food here is chocolate!!! Its horrible.. im not normally a big sweets person at all!! I don’t like cake or candy that much but my favorite chocolate in America was always kitkat.. NOT ANYMORE.. in Jordan Hersheys and all other chocolate brands double the sugar content.. that’s wat it tastes like at least.. they say that depending on the country and how much they like sugar, companies alter the amount of sugar in the product.. I guess arabs LOVE their sugar caus I feel like im biting in2 sugar cubes when I get a kitkat or any other kind of chocolate.. definitely miss an American kitkat!

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