Thursday, May 6, 2010

Search for a companion...

I live alone, it gets lonely sometimes.. I dont really mind being alone but sometimes its nice to have another living thing around you...

I had a cat but I wasn’t home enough so it wasn’t fair for my Kitkat..

I had fish but they died because I forgot to feed them =( and they were not the best cuddlers!

Birds are too loud for me and hamsters are too fidgety.. so obviously my only option, in order to have some form of affection and companionship, is a snake!

I want to buy a snake and it seems to be close to impossible to do that here!!

Snakes recently became illegal to sell in Jordan, JUST MY LUCK! My sister and I scoured many pet stores asking about them and we were shown lizards (the guy referred to them as dinosaurs) and eels and were promised lions but no snake!

One guy tried to sell me a “belady” snake (a Jordanian snake) but it was ugly and eats just bugs.. where’s the coolness in that?! I want to feed it mice for some weird, sick reason.. if I get a snake I want a badass snake not a wimpy bug eater!

As we went from pet store to pet store all we could think about was how easy this would all be if we were in America.. a 10 minute trip to petco or petsmart (is it pets mart or pet smart?!.. thats always baffled me) and I would have my luzluz in my arms to cuddle with before I went to sleep at night.. BTW I plan on naming this impossible to find snake Luzluz which is Arabic for lumpy or fluffy or something along those lines..

I will not give up on my search!!! I will find a snake in Jordan!!! And if not.. I will reach an all time low and just fold one from paper and cuddle with that when im lonely… (that’s how I fixed my dying fish issue)

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