Monday, December 14, 2009

to stay or to go

After a night of shopping with my sister and going from mall to mall we decide we’re thirsty. We stop at a coffee place similar to starbucks or any other coffee shop, couches to sit on and any kind of coffee you can imagine. We ask if they have soda, the guy behind the register says ya but only cans. “We’ll take 2 diet pepsis please.” The guy then asks “To stay or to go?” We were both confused, if we stayed would they put it in a cup? We decide to see what will happen so we say “to stay” and he tells us to have a seat. We are waiting for a good 10 minutes and see him fussing around with stuff, how long does it take to put pepsi in a cup? Is that even what he is doing? Did he hear us right when we ordered a can of soda? Finally he comes out with a tray and 2 cans of diet pepsi, 2 straws! We both burst out into laughter. What would have happened if we asked for it to go? Would he have bagged it?

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