Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!! (at work)

I remember New Years 2 years ago when I worked for my old company in Manhattan.. to celebrate the day together, during lunch, we ordered pizza and drank beer while hanging out and playing poker.

In Jordan it is the same basic idea, arab style.. today is New Years eve and I got my company a half day off work. Instead of just leaving at 1:30 though I fit in a little bit of team building. At 1:30 everyone is required to meet in the kitchen and we each brought in food/cake/drinks and we are all gonna have lunch together one last time this year..

Instead of pizza we have hummus, salads, grape leaves, and mashawi (bbq-ed meat and kebabs).. along with a lot of other things like twix cake :)

I really miss New York pizza but today im craving the mashawi :)

update: it was an amazing way to end the new year at work!!
some pictures:

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