Monday, December 14, 2009


Whenever I tell people my story the first thing they ask is WHY JORDAN? How could I go from NEW YORK to JORDAN. I do not know why this has shocked so many people and I do not know the exact way to answer that question. My initial plan was to stay here for a year and now I can’t see myself ever leaving. Other than the rich culture, the beauty, the food, the entertainment, I would have to say my favorite thing about Jordan is the smallness. I came from a place where if you bump into someone you know it is all you talk about for the next month and it is something that rarely happens. In Jordan it is rare to go somewhere and not bump into someone you know.

Because of this everything becomes more accessible, people are known. In New York things seem so vast, so out of reach, but in Jordan I feel like everything is at your fingertips and you just have to reach out and grab it. Knowing the right people and the right way to go about something can get you anything you can possibly desire in this country whether it be a great job, to be on the radio, or a special invitation into a new Club.

I am the manager of Human Resources for a computer company. Today I spoke to a representative from a website where companies post available jobs and candidates apply to them (similar to careerbuilder.) He asked about my last name and I explained that I was Iranian, he asked if I had known Maz Jabrani (I had seen him the week prior and Maz Jabrani actually shouted me out on stage because of my weird mix.) I told the representative that story and he knew me, he was also at the show and remembered me because of that situation. I am still shocked at how small this country really is.

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