Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Americans are amazing at going with the flow. It is something we take for granted living there but it is so clear and obvious once you leave.. I am not sure whether it is because they work too much and don’t have time to stress things, if it’s because they don’t see the same people enough 2 stress anything, if it’s just in their nature, or if they have this understanding about life that others don’t seem to understand.

Here in Jordan they seem to do the opposite, if they are not stressing something they are bored. I feel like the silliest things get blown out of proportion and stressed to the point where it is funny, and it sometimes seems like they are TRYING to make their lives more difficult than it has to be. Something as simple as who you consider a friend and who you don’t becomes a huge deal and has rules and restrictions.. grudges are held and negativity is spread to the point where it is hard to even believe sometimes..

Maybe I don’t remember, but I don’t think that things were ever stressed to that degree in America. People were more relaxed and friendships weren’t so serious.. I mean of course people had problems, there was drama, we didn’t consider every1 a friend but here I feel like there is a set list of rules and regulations when it comes to these things..

The person you show people is covered with lies and rules and fakeness due to all of these regulations, God 4bid u easily get to b friendly with some1.. guy or girl.. (as just friends.. forget relationships) .. the whole country is ready to jump down your throat for trusting people or considering some1 a friend too easily.. sometimes I just wanna scream RELAX at the top of my lungs..

I genuinely feel that this happens because the country is so small.. sometimes it is hard to grasp that there is a whole HUGE world out there that has a lot bigger problems than our little social issues.. it feels like sometimes we all live in a bubble here in Jordan and we think we know it all and have life figured out.. and it is out to get us.. it is harder for people to be happy here than it is for people to b upset sometimes.. that should not b how the culture is run.. we need to learn 2 appreciate the beauty of it all and genuinely get over ourselves caus nothing is THAT serious

I am in no way saying life is simple but it is a lot simpler than they sometimes make it out 2 b here…

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