Friday, July 2, 2010

Why did you choose Jordan over New York?

I have never been more sick of a question in my life! I am not only sick of it because I have been asked this question a million times since I have been here, but also because I have NO IDEA how to answer it…

People love to assume things.. I guess it makes them feel smart, analytical, or intuitive to try and figure me, or anyone else 4 that matter, out.. like my own personal psychiatrist.. I always have people assuming they know the reason why I am here.. why I left New York. . I love hearing their explanations…
  • running away from the police
  • running away from a boy
  • running away from my family
  • running away……

    I am not saying they are ALL wrong.. mayb all of them in one way or another are right (except for the police one =P ).. I am pretty sure I can name 50 different reasons why I now live in Jordan.. but can I name THE REASON? The one thing that made me choose Jordan over New York.. I don’t think it exists honesty..

    I can list off the shallow reasons: the food.. cheap argillah.. the entertainment.. the weather.. the sites..

    I can list off the cultural reasons: the strong arab roots.. the language.. the religion (though I am not religious)..

    I can list off the reasons why I left America: desperate need for a change.. grew up too fast.. boredom.. it was then or never..
    But when it comes down to it.. those are just things I list when I try really hard to look for a reason.. I don’t think they really played any large role in my transition.. the honest truth is it was easy.. I think that’s y I did it.. some things happened between facebook.. meeting a random person.. a job interview.. and strangely coincidental situations that made it impossible not to consider it.. I spent at least 2 weeks while on vacation here not being able 2 eat sleep or do anything else at all because all I did was question whether I could really do it or not.. drop my life without even saying goodbye and stay in Jordan.. was I that exciting? Was I that daring? Was I that brave?..... I guess I was =)
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