Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Tomorrow is a big day for me for 2 reasons.. first it marks 25 years of life.. but more importantly it marks 2 years to the day that I have been in Jordan. July 7, 2008 I was on an airplane going from New York, America to Madrid, Spain to Amman, Jordan. (My mom tried to convince me that having my birthday on a plane would b fun and involve cake.. both of which were definitely not tru!)

I don’t really like my birthday.. I guess I took after my dad.. I don’t see the big deal in birthdays.. its just another day.. if anything I dread it because it usually ends up crappy.. last year’s was HORRIBLE..

Its funny how when ur young all u want 2 do is get away from ur family and celebrate ur birthday with friends.. now that im older id give anything 2 celebrate my birthday with my family.. homemade cake.. presents from people who know me better than I know myself.. msakhan on the table for dinner (my favorite!).. laughing till it hurts.. fights here and there.. amazingness…..

I’m excited 2 see what this year has in store for my birthday.. but I am almost sure that it will involve a lot of sleeping and self loathing….. =)

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